A day of quick fixes around the house

With autumn around the corner and a few jobs lurking around the house unfinished I decided today would be the day to catch up on a few things and make some quick easy fixes to the house with little or no money spent!  Result.

First job of the day was to complete the painting of the wardrobe in the front bedroom in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I’d started it ages ago and then lost a little enthusiasm for the task so decided to crack on again and finish it.

The wardrobe is from Oak Furniture Land and was originally blue/grey in colour.  I liked the colour when I first bought it but in the end wanted something a little more neutral.  So in the first pass at this I did two coats of Old White and set it with the Clear Wax.

Today, I taped around the edges of the door panels and put on a couple of coats of Paloma, a lovely soft lilac/grey which is perfect for a bedroom


and matches the storage box on top of the wardrobe (Ikea) and the bedroom chair, which was a bargain from Homesense.

I removed the tape fairly quickly after the second coat was on (before it was fully dry) as I didn’t want to crack any of the new paint.  I’ve always found this more successful than leaving the tape on for much longer.  I also added a stencil to the drawer to give it a little bit of interest and ties in with the panels above.

Very happy with the result, what do you think?

Another couple of jobs today included adding some great ceramic knobs to to a couple of cupboards to give them a little bit of colour.  I bought the knobs from Amazon and they were a variety of reds, blues, greens and geometric and flower prints, average was about £2 per knob and I bought a pack of ten.  You never know when you might want to make a quick easy update to something!

The smaller cupboard is from Ikea and the larger from M&S and they are great little cupboards but a little dull before the new knobs were added.  Add to that some lovely bright new bedding from Ikea in preparation for a few days stay by the mother in law and the spare room is ready for her arrival.

Last job for the day was to finish off my Ikea step stool in the main bedroom.  The husband uses this to sit on when putting clothes in the wardrobe or to change the duvet cover.  I’ve painted it in the very bright English Yellow with some hints of Provence.  Nice and bright!


Some easy little things to brighten up the house, with little or no cash spent, as everything was already here.  A Productive Sunday !


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