Favourite Finds – Alternative Christmas Decorations

An extra, cheeky midweek Favourite Finds post for you – all about Christmas Decorations..

I don’t know about you but I love the process of putting up the tree, listening to cheesy Christmas music and getting into the swing of the season.  In order to get the tree up most of us have to move furniture around and it got me thinking if there was another way to decorate for Christmas without the usual suspects.

I picked this Star up in Matalan the other day and loved the simplicity of the shape and the unifinished stone base (which makes it quite heavy actually!).  It’s pretty tall so could stand on the window sill, or mantelpiece really nicely.  Or on a side table?  It’s a snip at £15 and my only teensy complaint is the battery pack can’t be hidden anywhere as the wire for it isn’t long enough and doesn’t allow it to hide behind the base.  But it’s a minor quibble.  This is going in the window in a couple of weeks and it’ll look great.  In fact, it’s probably something you can keep out all year round for a little bit of extra light and fun.


If you want something a little non-traditional how about this, Spiral Tree, I spotted it in Homebase today (got a few odd looks for taking a photo but never mind!).  It’s £48 and would be a really good option if you have limited space in your home:


If you want something for your door but don’t want a traditional wreath you can take a look for ones with baubles or pom poms.  There’s a lot of pom poms around this year, and you can even make your own if you feel inclined!  (haven’t done that since I was a child, might give it a go again!)  Here’s an example of a bauble wreath from Ikea:

ikeawreathPhoto Credit: Ikea (www.ikea.co.uk)

Fairy lights are no longer a Christmas thing, there are so many designs now that you can keep them up all year round – I absolutely love these Moroccan ball lights from John Lewis:

lightsPhoto Credit: John Lewis (www.johnlewis.com)

Lastly, a garland is a nice, cheap, easy way to decorate.  When you think of garland you might think of those very shiny colourful expanding ones your mum used to hang from the ceiling, but these are very chic wall mounted ones, and easy to pack away at the end of the season.  This strand, from Amara Living are a simple way to add a bit of bling (which is what we always want at Christmas!) to your home:

garlandPhoto credit: Amara Living Ltd (www.amara.com)

Personally I’m a fan of the traditional tree but we do have a black pop up tree that we put up in our kitchen (below) as well as the big tree in the living room, so I might be slowly turning to the modern side.  (Maybe!)

What’s your Christmas style?


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