Quick & Easy Wall Art

There’s a few easy and inexpensive ways to put some great art on your wall that you can swap out easily as the mood takes you.   You can buy simple canvasses from an art shop and paint it a-la Rothko, or you can make a collage of photos or magazine pictures.

Today I want to talk about filling frames.  Of course you can fill them with family photos or snaps from your travels. You can go black and white or treat a gallery wall like your Instagram with connected photos in a theme, such as a colour or mood.

Something I’ve tried recently is to fill a few frames with wallpaper. If you remember my post about a nautical bedroom makeover we used some of the leftover paper to fill a little frame to brighten up the loo.  We deliberately didn’t try to centre it or give it symmetry and it turned out really fun!


This time I actually had some paper that I had as a sample from the local DIY store. I decided I wasn’t brave enough to use the paper over my wall but I thought it would look good in a frame (Note: I’m not advocating swiping loads of paper from DIY stores but you can rip small sample lengths from the open rolls in store to take home to try out.)

I bought these lovely gold frames from Oliver Bonas way back in the spring but hadn’t found anything to put in them just yet. I decided to try out a piece of wallpaper sample I had kicking around and I’m pretty thrilled with the result.

First step, make sure you have enough paper to cover your frames:


Second, draw round or measure the frames:

Third, cut out:


Four: have a glass of wine!

It’s as simple as that. Now, where shall I put them up?  Need to decide where to put them in the bedroom. I’ll post a picture once they’re up!

These frames would look great with small postcards that you can get from junk or secondhand shops.  Other options for frame filling are:  pressed flowers, old Christmas or birthday cards, the kids artwork, or my favourite, wrapping paper. Wrapping paper is usually pretty wacky and fun and it would allow you to have a great look for a small price, and you can change the look quickly if you change your mind.

If you’re really creative you can draw your own picture or phrase, either by hand or laptop, print it out and job’s a good’un.

What other ideas do you have for frames?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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