Favourite Finds – Faux Flowers & Plants

This week I thought we’d take a little tour around my favourite faux plants and flowers to brighten up your home if like me, you can kill a plant by looking at it the wrong way.

Also this is a great way to incorporate the Colour of the Year 2017, Pantone “Greenery” without having to go the whole hog with painting your room green if it’s not a colour you’re confident with.

I picked up a couple of stems of beautiful greenery from the Abigail Ahern store last weekend following the Design Masterclass I attended at her home (read more about that here) and I know they are expensive but the quality and the reality of them is amazing.  Mr Wheel Chic Home genuinely thought they were real when he saw them.

They are about £30 per stem but you only need a couple as they have a number of smaller branches.  They look so realistic!

But you don’t have to spend that much.  This great little French Lavender I picked up in IKEA for a £1.  Yep.  One whole pound.  And fifty pence for the pot…  Bargain!!  And it gives a lovely little pop of green in the spare room which is currently all white.

Also from Ikea, these two little grasses were a couple of pound each and I love the colour of them and the spikeness.  Also love the old effect box, which I picked up from a local market and reminds me of my old home town..

Succulents are the big thing at the moment, pretty much every blog you see contains a succulent of some sort and this faux I bought for around £9 from Rockett St George at their Liberty of London installation.  The realism is really great and the aged look of the pot gives it an extra edge.img_2577

Our kitchen table centre piece has a collection of lovely silk peonies and rosies that are lovely and soft.  I got these from a local homewares store for probably £15 for the bunch and I love the aged look vase they sit in, which came from Gisela Graham via Not On The High Street.


Yes I do have a fair few faux plants in my house but that’s because the real plants don’t tend to last to long around me.  But I do have a real plant and a couple of orchids, (here’s proof I do have one in my house!) which haven’t died yet.  It’s only a matter of time I’m quite sure!  It’s starting to go brown at the edges – I have watered it, honest!


Faux plants and flowers give you a lot of options, you can spray them to match your scheme or use them to give a lovely soft feeling to a room, in the way that only plants can without fear of the cat chewing them or forgetting to water them when you go on holiday, or them playing havoc with your hay fever.  It’s an easy way to get the look for much less and without fear of killing them off.

Are you a faux fan or do you prefer the real deal?

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