Looking for Rugs for wobbly legs or wheelchair users

As you might have seen in a previous post, we are looking to redecorate the living room early this year (once I’m fully up and about after my foot surgeries).  The colour palette is currently white and grey with red accents and a bit woody, but I’m looking to change that to more blue/turquoise/teal in some fashion and to go a bit more modern.  This means we have to change our rugs to suit the new scheme.  We currently have the Valby Ruta rug from Ikea, a hangover from our Victorian house and has a more traditional feel.  But it doesn’t fit with my more modern scheme so I’m on the hunt for a new rug.  But what style?

Shaggy, flokati and sheepskins are on trend at the moment, and they give a fabulous luxurious feel to a room, but these type of rugs don’t work for us sadly.  Deep pile rugs are extremely diffcult for Mr Wheel Chic Home as he can’t lift his left foot off the floor very well and he’d struggle to get his foot over the high pile.  I also expect the rubber ends of the crutches to get a bit tangled in the shagginess.  Also, when he uses the wheelchair, the fibres of the rug would get tangled in the rubber of the wheels and I think we’d end up with a bald looking rug.  So, sadly the shaggy rugs are out.  But if I could have one in the home, it would be one of these for sure:

Photo Credit – Both photos from the The Rug Seller – http://www.therugseller.co.uk

Next up are the Kilim or Flatwoven rugs which again I’m a fan of, but the main reason for having to discount these is that they are light, and when his foot drags on the floor he’s likely to accidentally lift the rug with the toes and then trip over it.  (Sigh!  Ruining all my design choices!).  Here’s some of my favourites though, should I choose to divorce him:

Photo Credit – Both photos from Heals – http://www.heals.com

Jute style rugs aren’t really an option as they’re quite rough and when he’s not wearing slippers, he’ll get up scraping his toes across the roughness of the Jute.  So as fabulous as they look, it’s not going to work for us.

So I’m left with the low pile rugs, which is fine, (except where he drags his foot the pile ends up in fluffy tumbleweed balls – sigh!) or the tufted wool option.  But these two rug types do give me lots of choice.  Oh, the choice.  Really, too much choice! I’m going rug-blind.

I’m still torn on what colours to go for.  If I’m having blue walls I’m thinking either monochrome, or going bonkers with some crazy bright colours.  We’ll have to go with a darker colour as opposed to a pale rug otherwise I’m worried we’ll end up with muddy tyre marks on it.

You wouldn’t think we have to take these things into account when looking for furniture, but as I mentioned in my blog post about why I’m blogging (here) his disability impacts so many of the design decisions.  A rug is really important as I’ve seen him fall over a hair, so the rug needs to be one that’s suitable and that works for him.  And for my scheme of course!

Once I’ve decided on the detail of the room, I’ll add my chosen rug to my moodboard and let you have a look, let me know if you approve!

What sort of rugs are your favourite?

19 thoughts on “Looking for Rugs for wobbly legs or wheelchair users

    1. I live in a warmer climate with a dog. Have found indoor/outdoor rugs are great! Lots of designs and colors. They are not only durable and easy to clean, but low pile, so my husband’s wheeled walker can get over them easily. Can use with or without rug pad.

  1. What a decision. Low pile rigs offer so much in terms of colour, pattern and style in particular with those lovely blue tones! I can’t wait to see the room when it’s completed! I hope you find the one x

  2. Not sure what you went for in the end, but I’m seriously considering painting a stencil rug on my floor. All the design, none of the tripping!

    1. That’s a great idea. I’ve seen a lot of people stencilling tiles and flooring. I have also found a great double sided rig tape from B&M Stores for about £3.99. The front door mat hasn’t moved at all since we put it down. Brilliant investment !

  3. We have removed most of the rugs from our home since my husband trips very easily. I do miss them for wiping our feet at the doors, but his safety is more important than perfectly clean floors.

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