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This week I wanted to look around for some seating that could fit in the corner of my living room once it’s decorated (see the start here).  We have a corner sofa that we can get 3-4 people on and we have a beanbag for additional use that we store away (that’s a pain, they’re not exactly small!).  So I’ve been searching for some small seating options for occasional use.

In my first ‘favourites’ post (here) I shared with you a fabulous chair from Rockett St George.  It’s still pretty high on my wishlist, but I’ve been keeping my options open for other types of seating that don’t take up a lot of space.

Sticking with Rockett St George I came across this one this week, you may have also read about it by Kate Watson-Smyth on her blog Mad About The House where she did a post about this chair.


rockettstgeorge_serene_metal_chair_black_lowresPhoto Credit – Rockett St George (www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk)

I agree with everything Kate said, it’s a lovely small chair, not one for watching Gone with the Wind in (or name your very long film!) but it’s good for people popping round for a cuppa.  Or, I have a nice idea to put Percy the Panda in it.  He’s an old one-eared 3 foot panda who was given by my Dad to my Mum when they were a’courting in the fifties.  He lives with me now and currently sits in an Ikea wicker chair in the corner of the spare room with Bruno the one armed bear (I’m not violent to bears I promise!)  It could sit nicely in the corner of the living room too for the occasional visitor.  It’s currently out of stock (no doubt because of the brilliant price of £69), but you can pop your email in and they’ll notify you when it’s back in stock.

Next up I’ve been researching small pouffes or stools.  A lovely fluffy footstool is right on trend at the moment.  In fact it doesn’t have to be sheepskin, you can get Icelandic Sheepskin, faux fur, Tibetan Lambswool, Cow Hide and more. There’s so much choice and many sites, such as Hilary and Flo or Nickie Kelly or Not on the High Street – you can get the wool dyed to match your scheme and in many cases you can choose the leg colour too.  Perfect options to fit into your scheme.  Prices vary from £130-£300 depending on wool and the options you pick.  Here’s an example from Nickie Kelly:

footstoolPhoto Credit: Nickie Kelly (www.nickiekelly.com)

If that kind of seating doesn’t float your boat then a knitted pouffe might be the answer.  These are great for occasional seating, for feet up and for leaning on.  Not so great if you have cats as the scratching could make it look distinctly unloved very quickly.  Knitted pouffes are not particularly soft so if you’re planning a long movie night, perhaps use it for your feet only!  These type of pouffes range from £30-£120 depending on size, style, colour etc.  Here’s an example of the lower end of the price range, from Argos:


Photo Credit: Argos (www.argos.co.uk)

Next up is a lovely small occasional swivel chair from Ikea.  It’s the Stockolm range and comes in 3 lovely colours.  Yes, it’s pricey for Ikea, but it packs a punch and would look great in the corner of a living room or bedroom:

stockholm-swivel-easy-chair-sandbacka-yellow__0452148_pe601028_s4Photo Credit: Ikea (www.ikea.co.uk)

I’m still torn on how to put an additional seat in the living room.  I love all of these.  I’ll keep thinking on it.  Which is your favourite?

8 thoughts on “Favourite Finds – Seating

  1. I absolutely love that bright yellow Ikea chair. It would look stunning in a blue space (have you chosen your wallpaper yet?) But I’m sure any of these options would look gorgeous.

    1. I haven’t chosen the paper yet as the samples I got and the one I really like doesn’t match any of my paint that I like. So I need to rethink. Does the wallpaper rule or does the paint colour rule? Tricky!

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