5 Tips on how to style a daybed

Daybeds are a great option for a smaller spare room or a kid’s bedroom but they always seem a little tricky to style.  I’ve had a play around with our spare room daybed from Ikea and wanted to share the results.

We picked a daybed from Ikea that pulls out into a large double bed. It gets used if we have lots of guests and both spare rooms are being used.  So we have two mattresses on it. In the styling mags and online (even on the Ikea website itself) you often see the beds beautifully styled – with one mattress and not two.  And that really makes a difference to how you style it…ikea-daybed

Photo Credit: Ikea (www.ikea.co.uk)

So – here’s before picture in my spare room:


Note the bean bag squished underneath to keep it out of the way, looks pretty scruffy like this, and makes the room feel unmade.

Now, here’s my 5 tips to help get your spare room looking fabulous:

1 – Cover the mattresses:

I’m using a neutral blanket / throw to cover the mattresses.  You could use a simple valance or go with something a little more bold.  This throw is actually reversible and has a grey pattern on the other side, but I wanted to go neutral this time


Instantly it makes a difference, looks tidier, cleaner and hides the clutter underneath the bed.  Result!  But it’s a little boring, so…

2 – Add a contrasting layer for interest:

Here I’ve added a lovely blanket that I picked up from Sainsbury’s in the January sale for about £15.  Result.  It’s so soft and has a lovely stripe running through it.  This makes the daybed look a little cosier already!


3 – Layer up the cushions:

Here’s where you can go as crazy as you want – if you use the daybed during the day, you might want to put cushions at the ends to let you adopt a glamorous reclining position with your books and a cuppa.  We don’t use ours other than when guests come, so I’ve layered up the cushions to give a burst of colour and it makes the room look lovely and bright.



4- Play with textures:

This is helpful to give the bed a little depth and interest.  Play with different textures, try swapping out a fur blanket in winter for cotton in the summer perhaps.  Here I’ve added another throw to put over the end of the bed, which you can use to cover those cold tootsies if you’re using this spot for reading and relaxing.


5 – Get your cuppa and magazines:

Enjoy the comfy corner you’ve just created!



Very simple, and this cost me nothing to do, I used other cushions and throws from the around the house.  It’s always such a fun idea to pinch things from other rooms and repurpose them to make things feel new and different.  Here’s a different blanket I tried, it gives a whole different feel as well:


What other ideas do you have for styling a day bed?


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