Favourite Finds – 10 Tribal and Folksy Cushions

This week I’ve been hunting for cushions to match the new living room colour scheme and to get rid of the old ones we’ve had for a few years, I’ve come across some lovely ones in my travels and thought I’d share them with you.

I do love a few cushions on the sofa and the bed, so parting with old ones and looking for new ones is a fun hobby for a little while!  The tribal theme is going strong in cushion world and I’ve found a few tribal and folksy cushions that might just float your boat.  So in no particular order here they are:

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Photo Credits: see bottom of this post for all the details.

First up, the new summer collections from M&S is pretty, lots of strong colours and vibrant patterns.  This one struck my eye and at £25, not a bad price.  You don’t see many great round cushions and so this one deserves a spot in the list.

Number 2 is from Next and a lovely muted navy colour but still has a hint of pattern and fun in it.  And at £14, it’s a bargain, will look great in a new or vintage/boho/eclectic scheme.

Number 3 is from Anthropologie and for me epitomises the tribal theme, with different textures, colours and shapes.  Also it has groovy buttons on it, so looks fab to me!  It is the most expensive of the bunch I’ve picked today, but it’s a real statement piece.

Fourth on the list is from Urban Outfitters and is a good price at £31.50.  It’s fluffy, and pink so if you’re shopping for a young girl’s room it has all the aspects of being well cuddled I think!  It would also look great on a dark grey or black sofa for a lovely colour and textural contrast.

Primark comes in at number five on this list.  Generally I must confess to not being a Primark fan but they do have some lovely on trend and well priced home accessories.  This cushion is the cheapest of the bunch at £7 but still has all the hallmarks of the tribal scheme and has some lovely colours in it.

I love Matthew Williamson’s designs and Debenhams is a real showcase for them.  This cushion at number six has bright colours, texture, and pom-poms.  What’s not to love, and a decent price of £26!

The Linea brand at House of Fraser always has a variety of on trend items and this cushion at number 7 in my round up is no exception.  The colours are little more muted than you might see for this type of cushion but I like that, it can go easily in a calm bedroom scheme to add a bit more pizazz, or you can temper it with brighter cushions for a lovely contrast – so multiple uses for £25 – bargain!

My favourite of this bunch has to be this awesome bright cushion from Not On The High Street (one of my most favourite websites for shopping!).  This beautiful bright, textural cushion is £33.85 and from All Things Brighton Beautiful.  And we all love shopping at independent traders, so this one should tick lots of your boxes.

The penultimate cushion on my list today is from the old favourite, John Lewis.  I do love JL, the quality is usually excellent and customer service of course is something they pride themselves on.  This cushion is a snip at £20 and has a vibrant red colour running through it.

Bringing up the rear of the cushion round up today is from Dunelm.  They have more cushions than you could ever wish for or imagine.  It’s hard to think of another business with so many options for so many tastes.  This one, again with lovely reds and splashes of bright lime, is a great price at £16 and is a lovely way to round up my list.

Too many to choose from!  I’m sure Mr Wheel Chic Home will have a fit if I bought any more cushions.  Maybe I’ll sneak them in without him noticing!

Which one is your favourite?


Photo Credits:

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  1. Some gorgeous finds here Vicki! I think number 6 has to be my fave, I’m such a Matthew Williamson fan.

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