Interiors Blog Awards – Voting now open!

Well, voting has now started for the Amara Interiors Blog Awards for 2017 and there’s loads of great blogs in all the categories.

As you know from this post, I’ve been nominated in the Best Newcomer Category and I’d love to get your votes to take me through to the shortlist.  Only 6 can go through so every vote really counts and I’m up against tough competition and wonderful blogs in my category.

If you enjoy my blog, whether you’re disabled or not, I’d really love a little vote to help push me closer to the shortlist.  Please click this link to vote:

Vote for Wheel Chic Home in Best Newcomer Category

Once the shortlists are announced the judges then have a very tough job to come up with the winners.

Here’s more on how the Interiors Blog Awards process works.  You have until 5pm on Fri 15th September to vote.

Please vote, and if you can share this post a little wider that would be of great help.

I appreciate your lovely feedback on my blog and I’m very humbled to have got this far in the past year.



Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 12.40.38

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