My Favourite Patterned Wall Tiles

Yes, you read that correctly – patterned wall tiles.  But I don’t mean chickens, peaches or twee country scenes, there’s a re-emergence of patterns in the past year or two.  There are wall tiles including those influenced by Moroccan design, as well as geometrics and other designs inspired by Victorian or retro mid century influences.

I’m looking for new tiles to go in my mini kitchen makeover (mood board to follow soon) and I’m quite liking the patterned tiles.  It’s a toss up between patterned and subway tiles for this makeover which should see us a year or two before a full kitchen upgrade.  I’m probably planning to take the monochrome route so it matches my lovely sideboard which you’ve all no doubt seen on my Instagram a few times!


I recently painted my tiles to this bright green and this has been perfectly fine for a couple of years but the cheap work surface we inherited is on the way out and we’ll want to replace the tiles at the same time.

I’ve rounded up my favourite patterned tiles, there’s so much colour and style here, it’s hard to choose a favourite!

Perennial favourites Fired Earth of course have a stunning collection of tiles, including those in their beautiful monochrome Sorrento Collection.  These three are particular favourites for me in this collection, they make you think of stylish Italian hotels or apartments. All of these are in the £90-£100 per sqm.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 19.49.13

Photo Credit: All Fired Earth

One the left is ‘Molini’ and it gives you a great three dimensional cube effect in monochrome tones.  This is a lovely modern design, but would also look great in a rustic or older home.

In the middle is ‘Turro’ which is a simple diagonal stripe allows you to get create, you can create squares, chevrons or keep it all going the same way. Allows you to build your own unique wall of tiles!

On the right, ‘Correale’ is a lovely chevron tile with a mid century feel, it would look great in a modern scheme or if you wanted to take the retro approach it would also fit in really nicely.

Next up, and in a different price bracket at around £76 per sqm is this selection by Ted Baker from  Each box has two of each design, allowing you to make your own unique pattern inspired by Edwardian design. I love the idea of making your own design, it feels like a custom wall.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 20.01.55

Photo Credit:

The popular ‘Batik’ collection from Topps Tiles is cheaper at £50 per sqm and there’s a variety of colours to choose from, so you can go monochrome or full on colour, it’s up to you. They’re a great option for kitchens and have a nice Mediterranean feel to them.  I think they also have a mid-century vibe to them, with the recurring patterns and the muted colours.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 20.10.34

Photo Credit: Topps Tiles

Away from the geometric route are these Moroccan inspired ‘Archivo Bakula’ squares, again from Topps Tiles, in a lovely blue and white design.  I’ve never been to Morocco, it’s on my bucket list and when I do go there I’ll take an empty case to bring a stash of originals home with me!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 20.26.42

Photo Credit: Topps Tiles

At around £28 per sqm, these Moroccan hexagons from Porcelain Superstore are not only a real statement, they’re a great price and a statement in your kitchen or bathroom.  Bright, colourful, what’s not to love?!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 20.36.49

Photo Credit: Porcelain Superstore

So whilst these mosaic tiles from Walls and Floors aren’t technically patterned, these wood effect tiles give a realistic wood effect and as they’re a mosaic they’re in their own pattern.  Mosaics are a great idea to inject colour, texture and pattern into a wall.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 21.01.44

Photo Credit: Walls and Floors

Lastly if you’re looking for something different, Welbeck Tiles is a small family business located in the lovely fishing village of Newlyn in Cornwall.  They do a fantastic selection of vintage tiles, sold individually in floral, vintage, coastal or coloured marbled effect and more.  Their tiles are handmade and as they’re sold individually, might not necessarily be the thing for your whole kitchen but to add some of the quirky tiles into your overall design will give an individual and unique feel.

I still haven’t made my mind up yet on which way to go for the kitchen tile but I love all these patterned ones.  Am I brave enough?  Find out on my moodboard, coming soon!

If you’ve taken the patterned route I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Thanks Anna. It’s a lovely alternative, a bit of variety from the normal tiles. I hope I’m brave enough! (Ps I did reply to this the other day but didn’t seem to go through! Sorry!)

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