My Guest Post on Accessible and Stylish Homes

I was thrilled when U.S company AeroFlow Healthcare Inc got in touch to ask if I could to work with them on a Guest Post about tips for making your home more accessible with style.

AeroFlow Healthcare Inc are a U.S provider of disability and medical aids and during our conversations they mentioned to me how they and other medical providers over there have been looking for ways to make their equipment a little nicer looking rather than the hospital feel.

As you know from my blog that’s something that floats my boat and I think it’s a great move and I hope in the future they can continue to look for ways to make things a little more stylish as well as functional.

Their equipment is only available in USA but I’m pleased to hear there are baby steps towards nicer looking things!  It may well start a world wide revolution, who knows?!

In the meantime I put together this Guest Post for their site – hope you like it!  Let me know if you have any other ideas!

The guest post was written in collaboration with AeroFlow Healthcare Inc but all opinions are my own.  

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