A Cosy & Calm Bedroom Moodboard

We live in a three bedroom bungalow and we love it, but unfortunately the bedrooms are a little small.  The previous owner had split the long living room into smallish bedrooms which we use as our spare rooms.

It doesn’t bother us too much as they are spare rooms, not used all that often.  The bedroom that overlooks the back of the house and has a door to the garden is the main guest room, with a double bed.  This room is planned to be done soon but before we decorate it we need to convert the door to the garden to a wheelchair accessible one, and so we want to get that done first.

So we thought we’d have a go at the other spare room first.  It’s at the front of the house, overlooking the driveway and is used less often than the other.

In here we have an Ikea daybed, so it can be used for nieces and nephews in single bed mode and we can pull it out to kingsize beds for adults.  Although the small people also like it when it’s pulled out to full size, a bit of a novelty for them I think!

This room suffers a bit from being a bit of dumping ground as it’s closest to the front door, so it usually ends up with boxes or shopping or the wheelchair thrown in there and it was starting to look a bit tired.  The white walls were grubby and marked and I wanted to give this room more of a cosy feel.


It won’t stop it being a dumping ground I’m sure, but at least it will look much nicer!

As the living room has been done in fairly bold colours I wanted to stay a little more muted in here but still make it feel like part of the same house.  So have we decided on a pale pink for the walls to tie into the Farrow & Ball Peignoir in the living room.

YES – I know pink is everywhere, it’s even got it’s own name ‘Millenial Pink’ and it’s been pretty much ubiquitous in blogger-land for the past couple of years – but as it’s here to stay for a while (even as we move into peaches) .

So onto the moodboard – this is a cheap makeover so I’m keeping most of the current furniture and adding a couple of bargain pieces to give it a new feel.  I’m also planning to repaint the wardrobe and touch up the bookcases to jazz them up a little.

I’m toying with a rug too but we will see how everything pulls together. As it’s a small room it’s going to be minimal so as not to clutter it up!

And with a few surprise accessories that I’m leaving off the mood board for now, wall art and and layering of different textures I think this will end up a lovely cosy room for guests – what do you think?  It has a muted and simple feel compared to the living room but I’m pleased with how it might look.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.38.20.png


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