My top 5 bathroom sinks for wheelchair users

Recently Mr Wheel Chic Home and I went to Naidex, which is an industry show for disability and inclusivity.  The show has exhibitors ranging from wheelchairs to exercise equipment, to gadgets to help around the house and bathroom displays.

I was particularly struck by the bathroom room sets, there were some fantastic options on display for wheelchair users.  I decided to take a look and come up with my top 5 list for wheelchair accessible sinks.

So – what is a wheelchair accessible sink?  Simply, it’s one that’s the right height for a seated person and one that their knees can go under so they can get as close as possible to the sink.  The shape of the sink is also important, the tradition pedestal sinks we have in the UK are a little too tall for a wheelchair user and also the shape and depth doesn’t help someone that’s sitting close to it.

Here’s my top list – I think you’ll admit not only are these brilliant for those who need them, but they are also suitable for everyone else in the family or for visitors.  And they look fantastic, showing that you don’t have to sacrifice style whatever your budget!

The Bath Store have a new “Easy Bathing” range which is great news for those who need a specialist bathroom and have options at every budget level.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 19.21.53

Photo Credit:  The Bath Store

This vanity unit is just brilliant.  It allows you to have the sleek bathroom vanity, including storage and when the doors are opened, not only is there a motion sensor light inside, there’s room for you to wheel straight under.  The unit and the sink is about £899 so not cheap, but does allow you to have an uncluttered bathroom with storage easily to hand and it’s a simple, stylish, square deep basin which is really sleek.

Next up, this shaped basin by Vitra for Victorian Plumbing.  A snip at under £130, and you will notice the cutaway shape at the front, allowing the wheelchair user to get up close and get their body close to the sink which is useful for cleaning your teeth and shaving.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 19.30.14

Photo Credit: Victorian Plumbing

It could be wall mounted, or placed on a gorgeous vanity unit that’s the right height.  Either way it’s a great option.

Villeroy & Boch are well known for quality, style and design, this is also clear in this O Novo Vita designed sink, which also comes in different shades to match your design!

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 19.39.34

Photo Credit: Villeroy & Boch

I love this sink, with built in grab rails which can also hold a hand towel.  There’s also a lovely amount of room around the tap to allow for toiletries and can be wall mounted at the exact height you need.  Matched with a towel rail it looks fantastic.

This Motionspot option is a great idea for a small room, you have a wall mounted sink with easy access underneath, allowing you wheel under it, with lots of storage space on the vanity and also in the side cupboard.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 19.53.52

Photo Credit: Motionspot

This allows you to have a stylish, modern square basin and is usable for you, and good for those pesky small British bathrooms.  What a great idea.

If you’re after something that will be adjustable as the years go on, then a rise and fall basin might be for you.  This rise and fall basin from Living Made Easy is a great option for those in the family with a disability and for those without a disability, the keypad allowing you to adjust the height of the basin to make it easier for whoever is in the bathroom.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 20.18.22

These, of course, need to be wired in by a professional but it’s a stylish and easy solution.  It’s also a great looking sink that will fit in with any design.  The mirror is optional, you might choose to build your own recessed mirror into the tiles with a false wall, and it’ll all blend in and look fantastic.

The sink in our bathroom is not wheelchair accessible, but as you can see we have placed bathboards over the bath, this allows Mr WCH to sit on the boards to clean his teeth and shave at the sink and then to pull his legs into the bath to shower.  You can see you don’t necessarily need to buy anything new.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 21.44.14

You could also buy the sink you have your eyes on, and build a vanity unit for it to sit in, perhaps from an old console table adjusted to the right height and it’s totally customisable to your own design.  Don’t be constrained – be creative!  LavendersLongshot has got an amazing wheelchair friendly vanity unit as you can see here – and you wouldn’t necessarily look at it and think it’s a ‘disabled’ sink.


Photo Credit: LavendersLongshot

The main thing is making sure you have a visible mirror, space for storage and can get close enough to make it comfortable to use.  Then be creative!

What other great sinks have you seen?  Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “My top 5 bathroom sinks for wheelchair users

  1. We saw some amazing sinks by Ropox at Naidex that could swing out to be used. My brother’s wheelchair is large and the angle of his foot rest and joystick really make it difficult to get close enough to a sink even if it’s at the right height. He’s getting a new wheelchair so we’re going to wait and see if this will make it easier for him to reach the sink that we already have, but if not we’ll have to change it so this blog is very useful. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Fiona, the sinks that swing out are great as well aren’t they, no good in my tiny bathroom but they really allow you to get close. Hope the new wheelchair helps! Thanks for your comment !

  2. Well done for your nomination for the Amara interiors blog award – we have cast our vote for you! We love your top 5 sinks for wheelchair users and thought you might be interested in our HEWI and Ponte Giulio sinks – see link below. HEWI has produced a basin for dementia users and Ponte Giulio has a gorgeous range of acrylic sinks. We are currently adding a new range of shower seats and stools from a new supplier which are really excited about so please take a look in a few weeks to see the new range. Good luck with the awards and your new Instagram Hashtag #inclusiveChic. Katherine

  3. Hello from Portugal
    we ve been looking into building our new home after the fires here in october 2017 devasted our farm. our daughter with cerebral palsy 94% disabled, so looking for sinks that have the actual tap on the side, not in the middle which she could never reach to, thanks love all the links following now on insta,

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! The beauty with building a new home is that you have a fresh start and can easily add accessible features to make it inclusive for everyone. ( I’m so sorry to hear about the fires )

  4. Thanks for the information on the bathroom sinks for wheelchair users, looking to adjust the sink in the bathroom for my son to use properly so he can access the sink with ease😀

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