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If you’re an interiors fan on Instagram you’re probably following the fabulous ladies who run the great new blog All Up in My Space.  Robyn and Emma started the blog to discuss interiors, how you live in the space, and how your home makes you feel.  They also have some great posts about Mental Health and have initiated Other’s Day, for those people on Mother’s and Father’s days who struggle for whatever reason.

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Robyn and Emma asked me some time ago if I wanted to feature on their blog and of course I jumped at the chance!  So we set up a date for them to visit and to have a chat with us.  They were interested in how we occupy our home and live with our home and the adaptations we have.  I was thrilled that two large Instagram accounts who don’t have any need for adapatations in their own homes wanted to talk to us about disability.

Both of the ladies were amazing, asking insightful questions about disability and our home.  I was thrilled to meet such lovely people and I hope we meet again very soon.

Check out their blog post about Wheel Chic Home here!

Mr Wheel Chic Home also features on their posts about Other’s (Father’s) Day – he was super excited to be asked and he’s written a lovely piece about his Dad here.

Please go and follow the fab Robyn on her Instagram here and Emma here and check out their amazing blog!

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Photo Credit: All Up in My Space

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