Interiors Inspiration: How to find the accessible in the inaccessible – Insta Famous homes!

That’s an odd title isn’t it?  How can you find accessible interiors inspiration from inaccessible places?

Fact is, I think you can get interiors and accessible design from anywhere and everywhere.  Just because a space isn’t technically accessible, it can still give you some ideas for how you might be able to adapt it to make it work for you.

As an interiors geek, I find inspiration wherever I go.  Hotels, bathrooms, restaurants, other people’s homes – you name it, I look at everything with an eye on accessibility.  This is the first in a new series of posts where I break down pictures from my favourite bloggers, Instagrammers and from the inspiration I find everywhere around me.

Recently I attended a No House Rules day retreat at the beautiful Devon home of Deborah Vos.  It’s a phenomenal new build home with style oozing out of every corner.  And much of it done with an eye for a bargain too.  The house itself is set into a hill so there’s a lot of stairs, however there’s plenty of inspiration to be had when looking for accessibility in other people’s homes.


First, in Deborah’s house there’s a beautiful polished concrete floor – perfect for underfloor heating if you get cold feet and even better for a wheelchair to glide over.  The floor runs seamlessly through each room so there’s no pesky barriers to bump over.  Just take a look at this floor!  I’ve always thought of concrete floors when I’ve seen it on Grand Designs to be cold and unwelcoming but this was lovely.  Texture and colour and smooth sailing for a wheelchair.  Possibly less comfortable if you fall on it, something to think about if you fall from time to time.

The kitchen has a lot of handy low level storage which is great for wheelchair users, no reaching up for the heavy pans!

The floor also extended smoothly out to the patio with no barriers, again this is a great idea for someone with mobility issues or a wheelchair – the ability to get outside to share time with family without any issues or being lifted out there.  The folding doors are fitted into the floor so it’s a lovely smooth exit out of them.  Here’s Mr Wheel Chic Home in his chair (we lifted him down the stairs!) out on the patio with his eyes closed – such an epic #photofail – but we’re looking at the patio so that’s ok!


Deborah’s house has 4 ensuite bedrooms, and a couple of the rooms have large bathrooms, with barrier-free wet rooms perfect for those with mobility issues.  The tiles she used were fantastic and all that was missing was a seat and a grab rail or two.  The sinks were wall hung, with plenty of space underneath for a wheelchair.  I took a lot of inspiration from her fabulous eye for design!


Wow!  And these bathrooms were all bargains.  How can you take inspiration from this?  I know I can!  It’s gorgeous.


Please go and give a Deborah a follow on Instagram, she’s lovely and has a home to die for.  Lots of inspiration in every corner!  No mention of her home is possible without the following photo – the fabulous living room.  Yes, it’s down stairs but again, let’s look at the amount of space for a wheelchair, the concrete floor and that ceiling hung fire is perfect for a wheelchair user to light and to add more wood.  Also let’s not forget that easy access out to the patio for the wine with a view of the sea!


Where else can you find accessible interiors inspiration?  I’ve got lots of ideas I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks!

Is there anyone’s home you’d like me to feature?  Get in touch!  Also if you’ve spotted some great accessible ideas in the inaccesible, why not share it on Instagram using my hashtag #InclusiveChic …



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