Nominated for BAPS Blog Awards – we need your votes!

Normally I’m asking for votes for the Interiors Blog Awards in the summer but this time I was surprised to hear that we had been nominated and subsequently shortlisted for an award for our #InclusiveChic Instagram account. If you haven’t heard about our Instagram account dedicated to #InclusiveChic design – then why not?!

My partner in Crime on InclusiveChic is Vaila, an architect and accessible homes campaigner, who also has a great blog called The Inclusive Home – and we got together to run a separate Instagram account to share great accessible and adaptive design (more details here) We have been working together on the hashtag for some time but decided a separate account would be the best way to highlight some of the great design we see and what gets shared with us.

Last week I was surprised to learn our little Instagram account was nominated for the BAPS Awards – and even more fabulous, we had made the shortlist! The BAPS (Bloody Awesome Parents!) Awards are well known and well regarded awards, focussed on SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability) blogs and social media pages. The blogs talk about SEN parenting, travel, families, disability, activism, and more.

Our Instagram page has been shortlisted in the Best Use of Media awards and there’s a glamorous awards ceremony where everyone can get together to cheer each other on, and to meet a famous celeb host who has a disability in their lives or in their family.

Vaila and I are thrilled to be shortlisted and would love your votes to win the award!

Click to VOTE HERE

Voting closes 19th March 2020

The posh awards do is in May in Leicester and Vaila and I hope to attend, we’ll keep you posted on the awards and our progress!

Thanks for your support!

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